REVIEW album .wavrunner uh huh, i like it (Single)

.Wavrunner Bring Top Pop Rap Parody With Fun Cover Of 'Uh Huh, I Like It'

uh huh, i like it (Single)


Remember ‘In Da Pub’- the 50 Cent parody? In my 'casa' it remains way more popular than the original… anyway, .wavrunner (the 'dot' is meant to be there and f.y.i - it's pronounced 'waverunner') are killing it . Yep, no caps kids, the boys are too busy cussing and rolling around on sports car hoods to worry about grammar, with their own bizarre, technicolour pop rap parody.

Wacky just doesn’t cover it, so please - check out the video, as it really accompanies the single 'uh huh, i like it' perfectly: think pool parties, mischievous Leprechauns and strategically placed Cornettos. Knee jerk reactions will range from ‘WTF is this?’ to dancing round the room in fits of uncontrollable laughter.

.wavrunner are surely the bastard sons of American Pie’s Stiffler mating with someone (anyone) from TOWIE. However, the musical production is no joke, adding some kudos to the mix with Paul Meany (Twenty One Pilots and others) and Grammy-nominated Mixer Joe Grasso. 'uh huh, i like it' is also an infectious earn worm of a tune.

Are .wavrunner a ‘hot new American pop outfit’ – Yes… are they mad as they come? Quite possibly… will they make you laugh your way through lockdown? Undoubtedly! So, turn up this hilarious, frothy electro-disco tune for maximum lunacy.