REVIEW album Amelia's Dream Uprooted (Single)

Amelia's Dream Is "Uprooted" On Newest Release

Uprooted (Single)

Amelia's Dream

With hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers fleeing the city to escape COVID Amelia’s Dream’s newest song “Uprooted” feels extra relevant. The husband and wife duo excellently produced by Harold Stephan falls into the Adult album alternative category of softer rock with a singer-songwriter edge. Amelia’s rich alto voice feels deeply familiar (think Sarah McLaughlin meets Michelle Shocked) compliments stellar keyboard accompaniment on this gorgeous track from their 6th full-length album Everybody’s Got Something.

Amelia sings about people who flew away like 10 times a day and how she has never left. A die-hard New-Yorker from the Upper West Side she never will leave.

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