REVIEW album Beau Turrentine Pillow House (EP)

Beau Turrentine Captivates On His Laid-Back New EP 'Pillow House'

Pillow House (EP)

Beau Turrentine

Over the last few months, I have been blown away by the bright and breezy sound of Beau Turrentine. His sweet and seductive vocals have soared across a string of releases that look to blend indie-rock aesthetics with a soft and soulful direction, giving him a truly sublime sound. And now he has capped off his 2020 with the release of his debut EP 'Pillow House'.

Named after the residence which inspired the collection, 'Pillow House' is one of those rare and rustic releases that is just pure magic from start to finish. Taking influence from the local sound of his hometown Oklahoma City and injecting an international appeal into every asset, his new EP is a fresh and exciting gem that brings as much sunshine as it can to every chord.

Things may only just be beginning for Beau Turrentine right now, but with an introduction like this, there is no telling how far his talent will take him in the years to come.