REVIEW album Etoile Marley LockItDown (EP)

Etoile Marley Lights Up Lockdown With Debut EP 'LockItDown'

LockItDown (EP)

Etoile Marley

Etoile Marley is officially the fresh soundtrack of lockdown life. With her recently released debut EP ‘LockItDown,’ Etoile is bringing the party to us. Hailing from London, Etoile Marly is a genre-blurring powerhouse, fusing elements of blues, rock and RnB with an undeniable flair. No rookie to the performing scene, Etoile fuels her musical escapades with her extensive experience as a dancer, actor and circus performer. If Etoile’s debut body of work is anything to go by, it’s evident these years of perfecting her performance persona has paid off. Etoile influences in the likes of Dusty Springfield, M.I.A and Portishead as she expands on a canon of formidable female forces as she bursts onto the scene with the confidence and bold nature of a musician in their prime. Crafting catchy choruses and intricate rap lyrics, Etoile is a one-woman party - and there really is nothing we need more right now.

‘LockItDown’ is an insanely impressive debut from the up and coming musician. It’s powerful, punchy and positively passionate throughout the six tracks that make up the vibrant body of work. Etoile utilised the extensive experience and proficiency of producer Academic, as they sculpted tracks rich with delightful details and slick soundscapes. The strong musical identity of Etoile swims throughout this EP from the vibrant, RnB inspired title track ‘LockItDown’ to the softer concluding song showcasing the sweeter-side to Etoile artistry. At its’ core, ‘LockItDown’ boasts the brilliance of Etoile’s diverse, energetic and deep vocal tone, oozing a confidence and self-assured nature that inaugurates Etoile as such an exciting act this year. The lead single from ‘LockItDown’ is the opening track with the same name, and boy does it kick this EP off with a bang. With a soundscape of jazz keys and perky percussion lay the foundations for Etoile’s formidable vocals, with jazz elements swimming subtly throughout the song. Etoile flexes every musical muscle in this vibrant, vocally outstanding bop. With intricate lyricism, rooted in the empowering nature of rap, Etoile showcases just why she’s a hot songwriter to watch this year. With thousands of streams on her EP in the past month alone, Etoile is storming the music scene with a fresh, modern twist on archetypal genre tropes that she employs and manipulates with ease. So this month, let Etoile Marley whisk you into her world of electric energy and good vibes — after all, what else do we have to as lockdown lingers in our lives.