REVIEW album Minna Ora Sea (Single)

Minna Ora Smashes It With 'Sea'

Sea (Single)

Minna Ora

Minna Ora is a new name to me, and I am curious to know what has taken me so long to locate her? She has a contagious talent and her latest release, 'Sea' is a breath of fresh air.

Hailing from Finland, Minna smashes her way through the contemporary noise with a direction which arrives just that little bit different. Furthermore, the vocalist delves deep into a folky indie space, and she proves to be no replica with a sound of her own popping to the surface.

Vocally, Minna displays an angelic charm. Her timbre is soft and gently spoken, and she leads the way for female vocalists in this space. Also, her message is unambiguous with her getting straight to the point instantly; Minna sings about seeing her lover in nature. Everywhere she looks, there is something which reminds her of them. I am sure we have all encountered this at some point in our lives? Also, the music hits hard with thunderous flavour and the power leaks out of the mix like a faulty tap.

Overall, 'Sea' can do little wrong in my eyes. I enjoy how the singer stays true to her own sound plus she has brought back the indie-folk elements which many including myself, have been craving for a long time. Nevertheless, she will need to keep churning out hits like this one as we head into 2021 to rival some of the most prominent players in the game. But, if this track is anything to go by, then she needn't lose any sleep.