REVIEW album Sasha & The Shades Falling (Single)

Shades Of The South!

Falling (Single)

Sasha & The Shades

To compensate for their understandable cancellation of their Festival itinerary because of you-know-what; South Londoners Sasha & The Shades emerge phoenix-like and triumphant from the long dark COVID tunnel - with a new taster ‘Falling’ from their EP due for release early next year.

They haven’t been idle during this stationary epoch. ‘Falling’ is a result of their continually evolving sound which has no doubt been perfected ‘in residence’.

Sasha Adamczewski and chanteuse Eli-Rose Sanford usually trade off their vocal contributions against each other a la Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood. Only this time, they emerge as a unified whole in ‘Falling’. In a somewhat fulsome way, they get their point across in a Jefferson Airplane fashion circa ‘Crown of Creation’ - as if to unconsciously embody the less showbizzy side of the 60s.

Vehemently sounding ‘older than their years’, ‘Falling’ is rounded with a somewhat dark undertow inspired by Sasha’s dealings with depression. The vocals are deliberately put forward. The song begins with cutting picking and unleashes a mournful violin sound with watery rhythm guitar. The sextet get into a groove of purpose. The song feels like you are entering their private world, making the listener feel like a voyeur by default.

The perfect desolation for hopeful bright times ahead.