REVIEW album Zipten Midnight Walk (Single)

Zipten Goes For A 'Midnight Walk'

Midnight Walk (Single)


Zipten is the Italian producer who perpetrates with might with his irresistible new release, 'Midnight Walk'.

'Midnight Walk' boasts electronic sounds from the outset but it delves far deeper than the norm, so much so I would be inclined to put this delivery into a post-genre category. Furthermore, the soundscape brings something just that little bit different, and the new dimension on the table is refreshing.

From the first listen, I found that the track took me to a place where life is sweet. So much so, I could not help but think back to the best times, and it has the power to bring the nostalgia flowing straight back. Mind you, it also makes me feel excited about the future, and I am sure many people will feel the same given the turmoil we have all been facing this year.

Also, I enjoy how the myriad of sounds which leap forward take a hint from Zipten's predecessors in the game. Moreover, it has a 90s dance vibe, which takes me straight back to my early days, yet there is a contemporary feel to it also with the beat flowing with up to date momentum.

Overall, 'Midnight Walk' drips excitement from the start and the rapidly rising producer cements his hooks deep instantly. Also, I enjoy that he delves down many paths with his music, and although his career is still short, he has already covered many corners of the electronic space. Top work for a producer who only broke onto the scene this year.