REVIEW album Musicians Together Christmas Of Hope (Single)

Musicians Together Unite Us In The Christmas Spirit With Stunning Single 'Christmas of Hope'

Christmas Of Hope (Single)

Musicians Together

This year has left even the best of us longing for the excitement and seasonal spirit that Christmas usually brings. Well, Musicians Together have grouped together to create a hit fuelled by the festive spirit and overflowing with joy. The group is made up of Elyse Aeryn, Michael Parma, Maddisun, Slick Division, ELA, Sam Jefferson, Jenny Deacon and James Millier. The group have come together to support Help Musicians, the UK independent charity for professional musicians, many of whom find themselves treading the treacherous waters of an industry hit very hard by the pandemic. With little support or financial aid, the lifeblood of the industry is falling through our fingers as studios, live events and most musical avenues have been left to the wayside. ‘Christmas of Hope’ is setting out to raise money for this incredibly important cause and offer up some hope for us all along the way.

‘Christmas of Hope’ is a single swimming with love, joy and hope as the festive spirit pours out of each note in this track. Utilising the powerful performance of the Sweet Charity Choir, James Millier has written a modern Christmas carol set to renovate the somewhat outdated seasonal soundtrack we’re used to. Jenny Deacon, the musical director of Sweet Charity Choir, has arranged a breathtaking backing for the inspirational anthem as the stunning sounds of the Sweet Charity Choir both support and shine throughout the song. Each artist sprinkles their signature sound over their designated verses, as ‘Christmas of Hope’ united spirit reminds us all that community and sharing love is what this season is truly about. At the core of this sensational song lies a strong message of unwavering hope, something we all need reminding of this year - and with the profits going to an organisation with it’s sole purpose to provide hope for those artists struggling this year, this really might just be the Christmas anthem of the year.