REVIEW album The Moors 15 Minutes (EP)

The Moors 15 Minutes EP

15 Minutes (EP)

The Moors

It was always a great night out on the Lower East Side when the Moors had a gig. Standing in a packed club, trying not to spill my drink while rocking out to the driving rhythms of the band at full throttle - the dominating lyrics of 'Din' (Mubashir-ud-Din), the deadly guitar of The Strokes' Guru JP Bowersock always made for a late night out and a stubborn hangover the next morning.

Now that the plague has emptied out the bars and clubs, we only have our memories of those nights; that was until the band released their first EP - 15 Minutes. It's composed of 7 short, sharp songs in the classical tradition of rock and roll with the high energy of punk. As you listen to it, you'll find it difficult to settle on just one track for your favorite as all the tracks compete for your attention.

For me, I always stop what I'm doing when I hear Trickster and Cocaine Girl. I love the tempo of Trickster, the way Din sings against the dominating drum line; and Cocaine Girl, because, well, I've always wanted a coke head for a girlfriend! And for those of you still pinning for Zerobridge (Din & JP's former band) there's a couple of tracks here to make you nostalgic - Got Your Six and Thoughts and Prayers. So do yourself a favor, pick up a copy of the EP, wait until it gets late, grab a six pack, turn down the lights, crank up the volume and have a great night!