REVIEW album BeckMilli Gotham (Single)

BeckMilli Hits Home With 'Gotham'

Gotham (Single)


BeckMilli is taking her sound straight out of the London underground and to the masses with her latest delivery, 'Gotham'.

Instantly, her dark influence plays out in an overture which will have you clinging on for dear life. I relish this approach by BeckMilli, and she has a knack for keeping us hooked from the very start. Furthermore, a harrowing piano lead rises out of the mix and the beat taps away ahead of a strong rap performance from the South-Londoner.

BeckMilli raps with a distinct technique that makes her stand out compared to the rest of the acts popping up in this genre. Moreover, she drives her story forward with certainty, and she leaves an indent with her message taking us on a journey. Also, the cadence she brings to the table is nail-biting, and it is difficult not to get onto her wavelength from the derivation.

As the track progresses, a wide range of new sounds pop to the top of the surface and BeckMilli keeps the excitement flowing with techniques which many may compare to the legends in this game. However, a few more fills and breaks could have made it even more unpredictable as the structure stays condensed for the entirety.

Overall, 'Gotham' is the soundtrack for many. It has a strong sense of attitude, and the mesmerising confidence from BeckMilli is contagious. But, is she going to live up to her words? Only time will tell, but I am sure that 2021 will be very kind to the rising star.