REVIEW album Ella K Sol Hello My Name Is (EP)

Ella K Sol Delivers Youthful Charm On Hello My Name Is...

Hello My Name Is (EP)

Ella K Sol

Born and bred in Nashville, TN Ella K Sol is a 17-year-old pop singer and songwriter and despite her age, she has actually had considerable time to hone her craft, having started penning songs at age ten.

Ella’s debut Hello My Name Is (out February 2021) is filled with melodies and youthful charm, the lyrics will resonate with many on a very personal level. The songs are an honest exploration of life, love, pain, strength, and resilience from a young woman with a fresh take on where she’s been and where she’s heading.

Starting off Hello My Name Is, is the song “The Great Mistake” where she tells a story of heartache turning to independence with a side of self-determination.

While a singular piano note introduces the emotionally charged "Time Capsule Picture" a lovelorn ballad where her vocals really sparkle.

Elsewhere on her debut is "7'11'" where you will find the teen taking on the great gender divide and straightforwardly confronting how a woman (or girl) should be treated and how self-love is the most empowering thing of all.

The grand finale is the edgy funk pulse of "Hard to be Good" a grittier track, on which she addresses the human flaw of snap judgments, stereotypes, and assumptions.

Throughout the songs on the EP Ella somehow equally seems both young and bubbly yet wise beyond her years. Her personality pushes through and she delivers a solid mix of fresh vibes with her smooth yet sweet vocals and storytelling ability.