REVIEW album Annie Stokes Real Good (Single)

Annie Stokes Reveals Glorious New Single

Real Good (Single)

Annie Stokes

Relatable and comforting is the best way to describe Annie Stokes “Real Good.” Annie Stokes is an Americana singer-songwriter from Virginia. Growing up on musical theater and writing poetry throughout her childhood, her music journey truly began when she picked up a guitar at age 20. She uses her platform to promote activism about the environment and gender dynamics.

“Real Good” represents the day to day thoughts and activities of life. Hopes of doing better for yourself, especially in a time like now. Saving money, quitting drinking, better sleep, all better promises we make to ourselves. It shows the struggles that many of us have been dealing with at these times, when even the easiest things come hard. Although it may be difficult, “I keep on trying, I am surviving so far.” Even though we may not always be happy with ourselves and how we are living our lives, this catchy chorus gives that hope that you are not alone in your struggles and you can make it through. The bridge shows that there is someone to find you perfect despite your flaws, but you can still continue to better yourself for you.

This country/americana tune is comparable to your favourite blanket. It engulfs you in warmth and comfort, with Annie’s beautiful voice accompanied by relaxing acoustic guitar chords. The lead melodies throughout create a call and response between Annie and the guitar, with harmonies introducing the hook with power and confidence. The country rock/pop feel of the song is reminiscent of Creedence Clearwater Revival, and has a true old school Americana and BlueGrass feel to it. The whole arrangement is a pleasure to listen to.

Annie Stokes has one EP and two albums already out, with another studio album on the way. This album is going to continue focusing on her activism and bringing an awareness to those causes she cares about. If “Real Good” is any representation of what we should be expecting, we are all in for another incredible release from Annie Stokes coming soon.