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Tigercats 'Mysteries' Delivers Fizz & A More Mature Sound

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Tigercats second album ‘Mysteries’, their first on Fortuna Pop, sees them stay with their enthusiastic indie pop remains, but transmit it with a more weathered feel, a lived in vibe. It’s not a difficult second album in terms of sounding hard, but as though the experience of living recording this one was more challenging than that prior to their debut.

Growing up, more experience, time on the road with Wave Pictures and Allo Darlin’, and the addition of the latter’s Paul Rains on guitar adds some maturity to proceedings, but there’s still some fun and lively rhythms. A fizz remains.

Emotionally expansive, with a sophisticated tremble there’s a spirit and liveliness to the collection. An elective range of subjects are given the Tigercats treatment. 'Sleeping on the back seat' is a tale of life on the road whilst the minor chords and yearning 'To Sad to Tell You' is a delicate and humble reflection on relationships. The reflective ‘Junior Champion’ is an anthem for chess fans, sounding more beautiful than you may imagine on such a topic.

Closer ‘Wendy & Lisa’ is a fable that quivers with brittleness whilst the whoozy ‘Laura & Cesar’ (based on two minor characters in Roberto Bolaño’s novel ‘The Savage Detectives’) bubbles infectiously. Flourishes of effervescent guitar work and shimmering melodies are counterpointed with very direct syncopation and swarms of distortion. All jangly guitars and clapping drums, swimming in a bittersweet mentality and sonic exploration of C86 sounds even as it dabbles with punk.

Charismatic and dripping in vitality even as they dabble in despondency, Duncan Barrett’s tunes have been afforded a bristling and enigmatic treatment from his bandmates. On ‘Mysteries’ scatty nuances and skittish vibes have been honed into carefully crafted songs, fun times have been viewed through the lens of experience, and an album of buoyancy and splendour created.

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