REVIEW album Sandhya Last Two Standing (Single)

Sandhya’s "Last Two Standing" Goes Above And Beyond

Last Two Standing (Single)


Sandhya’s newest release, “Last Two Standing” is a feel-good, genre-bending, jazz-rock song full of beautiful imagery and lyrics portraying promises of love.

The song itself defies time, the lyrics seamlessly moving between past and future from “the year 2083, when everybody is undersea” all the way back to “the heroes and the saints”. The chorus, a wilful plea, asks “Won’t you love me like we are the last two standing”, a line that certainly hits home and feels very familiar with the recent pandemic and subsequent quarantines. The song’s feeling of timelessness within isolation and revaluation of love is what makes this song so relatable. “The pandemic has forced us to recognize the few people whom we really love and need the most in our lives”, Sandhya stated, and this song captures that feeling perfectly.

Sandhya, an award-winning musician, and writer currently living in Baltimore, has collected many skills and worn many hats throughout the years. Having worked as a jazz pianist and singer, composer, lyricist, and producer, Sandhya has spent years creating a unique genre-defying style crossing boundaries between jazz, rock, pop, and indie.

The New York native currently has a large discography, with two full-length albums under her belt and another one currently on the way. Her upcoming album, INNOCENT MONSTER, is a collection of 10 original songs and is set to be released in early 2021.

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