REVIEW album Neil March Alternatives To Despair (EP)

Neil March Releasing Pensive Songs In Stunning EP ‘Alternatives To Despair’

Alternatives To Despair (EP)

Neil March

Neil March is the up and coming composer easing us all into the recent lockdown with the soothing sounds of his stunning EP ‘Alternatives To Despair’. Rooted in the beauty of the sounds of the every day, ‘Alternatives To Despair’ showcases the enchanting energy of familiar noises expertly crafted into hypnotic harmony. Neil March holds a special, unique place in the modern musical landscape - and this has not gone unnoticed. With BBC Introducing’s ear already picked and Tom Robinson (BBC Radio 6) himself catching onto Neil’s captivating compositions, it’s evident this unique artist is on a path set for stardom. Alongside his compositions, Neil March also runs Trust The Doc Radio, Live, TV and Blog; a platform dedicated to amplifying artists and sharing the musical love.

Neil has curated an almost nostalgic daydream in the form of ‘Alternatives To Despair’ - and I can’t get enough. So, whilst our days remain grey and dire in this recent lockdown, it’s no doubt that Neil March’s latest EP will help soothe you into the swing of things and might just be an alternative to that despair that’s creeping in for all of us. ‘Alternatives To Despair’ is a completely captivating body of work from Neil March. Compiled of four parts, listening through this EP is like swimming through a sea of sonic comfort. With Neil’s own vocals providing a beautifully thick choir throughout the first two parts, ‘Alternatives To Despair’ walks us through various phases of Neil’s path on this earth. There’s something oddly comforting in the industrial samples, the utterly engulfing harmony and the haunting bell remarks that enrich this four-part composition.