REVIEW album Ione The Tide Is Changing (EP)

Relish In R&B With Ione's EP ‘The Tide Is Changing’

The Tide Is Changing (EP)


Ione is back with another EP rich with undeniable bangers. Her upcoming EP ‘The Tide Is Changing’ is landing in playlists on the 29th of January, and is set to get you grooving through lockdown life. Ione is the exciting new artist enriching the R&B world with the tantalising tones of her sensational vocals. ‘The Tide Is Changing’ is the EP set to colour our daily soundtracks when it drops later this month.

Having worked in the music realm for pretty much her whole life, Ione has lent her vibrant vocals to the likes of GORILLAZ, Foals and Adam Green, as well as performing as lead in one of the longest running West End shows ever, Thriller Live. You know, as you do. Utilising every inch of her extensive experience, Ione is pouring her heart and soul into her newfound solo musical career - and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Made up of three incredible tracks, ‘The Tide Is Changing’ is setting out to school us all on the formidable fundamentals of the old school as each track oozes a throwback R&B vintage feel. Sitting front and centre of this beautiful body of work is Ione’s vocals themselves. With pipes sent from heaven, Ione flexes her sensational singing ability as each melody seems to melt into the mix. Employing the production proficiency of David Blaker, Gina Tratt (Pocket Sun), Tone Jonez and Gavin Holligan, this short but sweet EP is swimming in sweeping synths and utter ear candy.

It’s evident from this electric EP that whatever lies in wait for Ione it’s more than good. So, this month let the captivating talent of Ione colour your daily soundtrack.

Watch the stunning lyric video for single 'Loved By You' which appears on the EP...