REVIEW album Josiah Mortimer This Town (EP)

Josiah Mortimer Drops 'This Town'

This Town (EP)

Josiah Mortimer

Josiah Mortimer is back with his latest EP 'This Town', and he dedicates the new gem to all the heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic. The EP with four super potent acoustic tracks serves to raise donations to the FareShare hunger charity, and Josiah is encouraging donations on his official Bandcamp page.

The lead track on the EP, 'This Town' hits home with strength. It boasts a minimalistic yet charismatic instrumental foundation with Josiah driving the way forward with his delightful acoustic guitar. Also, his vocals leak passion with his tone mesmerising from the outset.

Josiah, who resides in Brixton, delves deep here and rises to the top with a message of relevancy given the crazy current times. Furthermore, his story hits home with a story about modern life. The world is entirely different now, and 'This Town' speaks the truth from the very beginning. The refreshing trajectory that Josiah brings to the table is stimulating with his talent oozing out with confidence.

Warm with his approach to singing, Josiah captivates with his impressive vocal tone. He takes influence from some of the greats in the acoustic space, yet he stands out like a beacon. Moreover, he adds a new layer to the acoustic songbook with his skill blossoming. Also, his tracks land at a time when we need them the most.

You can check out his official Bandcamp page for the full EP, and every fund he receives through his official page will be going straight to helping the most deprived in society.