REVIEW album Thomas Atlas Got This Feeling (Single)

Thomas Atlas Drops The Feel-Good Funk

Got This Feeling (Single)

Thomas Atlas

Funk and blues musician, Thomas Atlas gets his 2021 underway with his latest release 'Got This Feeling'.

The new gem kicks off as it means to go on with Thomas reaching for the mic and delivering one of the catchiest hooks to rise out of the funk space in recent times. He brings energy from the moment he rises, and the trend carries on for the entirety.

Fusing modern guitar licks with a groovy bass rhythm, 'Got This Feeling' ticks the boxes for any modern funk enthusiast. It has an irresistible course, and the singer's ability to keep switching up the structure is stimulating. Furthermore, the track never lacks momentum, and it grows even more profound as it progresses.

The music is a breath of fresh air to the status quo of the contemporary funk chart. As a result, 'Got This Feeling' arrives with a novel angle, and it sticks out for all the right reasons. Additionally, the eclectic range of sounds which appear as it progresses leaves a long-lasting impression. Also, the flow is charming with plenty of fills. Similarly, the guitar rhythm hypnotises with a tone that will get even the listeners' austerest reaching for their air guitar.

Overall, 'Got This Feeling' could not have come at a better time. The world is a crazy place currently, but this track brings joy back to our lives. It sparks a newfound excitement, and it will be no surprise to hear this one still ringing out in the summer months.