REVIEW album Dirty Snowman Society Too Much Is Never Enough (Single)

Dirty Snowman Society Reveals "Too Much is Never Enough"

Too Much Is Never Enough (Single)

Dirty Snowman Society

The Colorado-based rock band Dirty Snowman Society has outdone themselves with their latest single “Too Much Is Never Enough.” This hard, driving, tense, track is a cyclical representation of the addictive tendencies of human beings. The lyrics outline a total cry for more of whatever they are indulging.

Dirty Snowman Society consists of four musicians who share a love of classic rock. They’ve released several singles and are working towards an album for the future. Their unique arrangements are helpful in creating a message -- rock and roll should be reclaimed and shared.

This particular track, being about desire and indulgence, was deliberately made to be a complex and tense. The chord progressions are meant to sound cyclical and confusing, yet intriguing -- perfectly reflecting the message of the song. “Beyond the lyrics, there is so much going on in this song that creates tension and release, just like the cycle of addiction the song is about.”

This hardcore quartet has a lot in store for us it seems. Their passion for the music as well as genius execution of message is impressive and exciting. I cannot wait to hear more from them.

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