REVIEW album Grace Parry Real (Single)

Grace Parry - Real

Real (Single)

Grace Parry

Grace Parry’s latest single, ‘Real’, is a sultry tribute to classic 90's RnB, an era that is overdue a resurgence. Grace Parry’s vocals flow like honey and the song will set the mood for any romantic night in with its smooth electric piano, vocal layering and melodic flow. This song has all the hallmarks of a classic, and a tune that will last through the ages.

With ‘Real’, Grace was influenced by 90s R’n’B, the music she grew up listening to. Working with David Adonis, she has stated, was a dream come true. A self confessed, old fashioned, true romantic, Grace Parry’s optimistic ode to real love is the perfect antidote to the misery of recent times.