REVIEW album Zaflon Till The Meds Wear Off (Single)

Zaflon Is Zealous With His Bouncy New Dance Track

Till The Meds Wear Off (Single)


Step into the energetic world of UK singer-songwriter and producer Zaflon... 

That's right, "let's dance till the meds wear off and the sun goes down". A luscious synth riff will stir your soul as an infectious beat and a bold lead vocal will have you hypnotised. That synth riff grows more intense during the chorus, and gorgeous synth pads and experimental elements of EDM swoosh and sweep in all the right places.

Zaflon is a master at writing catchy and melodic dance music that has a real depth to it. You can feel that depth in both the lyrics and the production; this is not vacuous dance music but heartfelt dance synth-pop. And you'll be humming the riff in your sleep.

Enjoy the video ahead of the official single release a little later in February.