REVIEW album Hello Cosmos Renegade Love (Single)

Who’s In The House Of Love?

Renegade Love (Single)

Hello Cosmos

40 odd years ago, premier league Krautrockers, Kraftwerk simultaneously celebrated the influential heights of which their followers Depeche Mode, OMD, et al had achieved as well as the technological advancement of the time. This was also synonymous with their forward-looking musicality.

Their pinnacle album ‘Computer World’ is the talking-point here: when the ‘Pocket Calculator’ and the tentative steps to online dating (‘Computer Love’) were established as the lifestyle mediums of the 20th century’s final decades.

Now even with Covid abating slightly, there is always ample time to reflect on the ambiguous functions that technology now offers.

The track itself is a shouty Mark E Smith-style opus which entices the listener with a high-octane journey that careens from a timeless post-punk genesis to a poignant reflection of the current world that we now exist in. This is epitomised by the flamboyant necessity of the sci-fi sounds and images that it evokes.

This was the final track brewed for the now-released ‘Dream Harder’ album. Written well before Covid, the line ‘a hug without an arm’ now has a scary new resonance for obvious reasons.

The cost of freedom is forever buried in the ground.