REVIEW album DYLYN Make It Naked (Single)

DYLYN Shares Bold Pop Track “Make it Naked”

Make It Naked (Single)


Rock ‘n roll is not the easy way, but it’s a freeing way, and it’s the way Toronto artist DYLYN wants to live her life. Each single sounds more monstrous than the last, unleashing a talent that’s only beginning to realize her true potential. DYLYN has finally found herself. The rest of the world is about to find her, as well.

“Make It Naked,” the title track of DYLYN’s forthcoming EP, is a portal into where she’s going musically. It’s a real thunderbolt to the ears. It’s about stripping yourself down to the very bone and being who you truly are. Scars, bruises, emotions – the raw version of you. Sometimes we need to get down to the naked truth to see ourselves for who we are. Pump this one up to 11.