REVIEW album Roberto Bates FT VIOLA Fire Walk With Me (Single)

Roberto Bates Teams Up With VIOLA For 'Fire Walk With Me'

Fire Walk With Me (Single)

Roberto Bates FT VIOLA

Roberto Bates is rising the echelon with his latest release 'Fire Walk With Me'. The red hot release is the gift that keeps on giving with a sound that gets better with every playthrough.

Working with VIOLA on this release, Roberto Bates cements his name even deeper in the EDM songbook with a sound that stands out from the instant. It is a gripper with a creative flow and adopts a new passageway into modern electronic pop. It stimulates the senses and leads the listener on an unforgettable journey.

Providing the vocal on the track, VIOLA captivates with top-class performance. She instantly proves that she was the perfect singer for the release with her confidence oozing out of the mix after her first note. She sings with passion, and her tone melts through the mix with an inviting flavour. She also leaves no room for any ambiguity with a clear message that unfolds as the track progresses. But a little more harmonies along the way could have been advantageous, and a few extra layers in the back end could have given it an even more profound stereo effect.

Overall, 'Fire Walk With Me' can do little wrong. But will it be enough for him to rival those at the top of the EDM chart? Only time will tell, but it will be no surprise to see this one knocking on the door of the most prominent players.