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Oscar And The Wolf's Debut Entity Has All The Right E's

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Electronic, emotional and empowering, Oscar and the Wolf's new album Entity is released on the 13th October.

Having seen them live and being utterly mesmerised I jumped at the chance to review Oscar and the Wolf’s album Entity. Opening with “Joaquim” is a swarm of electronic waves that grab the listener instantly and create a superior and overwhelming emotion. The pulsating beat is slow but captivating, with reoccurring layered effects that build up to the climatic electronic sound... and that’s just the first track!

Entity proves all that is good with electronic music but obviously being created by Oscar and the Wolf, the album is diverse and imaginative. A unique sound that conveys an atmospheric approach, each track is a small brilliant segment of the thought provoking brain of an album. With pinnacle tracks such as “Strange Entity” there are hints of The XX with the creative manipulation of the beats and bass; with references such as this Oscar and The Wolf are definitely doing something right and please do not stop!

Lead singer and alter-ego of Oscar and the Wolf is Max Colombie whose vocals have a rich echoing tone that is rippled against the music so perfectly with a synth to create the beats and effects it is all created to delicately and profoundly.  Another pivotal track on the album is “Princes” which is also set to be released as a single this week; having witnessed this track live with audiences singing and dancing along, it’s obvious that this is the most popular track on the album and with a catchy chorus I don’t see why not.

Oscar and the Wolf do a successful job of creating an album that reflects the imagination and creativity of one’s mind with intricate and peculiar sounds mixed into each track and a climax that is never neglected, this versatile album is definitely one you need to get your hands on. Oscar and the Wolf
Facebook page. Written by Hannah West