REVIEW album Thomas Atlas Halfway To The Moon (Single)

Thomas Atlas Is Back With 'Halfway To The Moon'

Halfway To The Moon (Single)

Thomas Atlas

Thomas Atlas and his red hot funk band rise to the top once again with his new release, 'Halfway To The Moon'. It is a single which arrives in quick succession to his last hit, 'Got This Feeling', which came only a few months ago.

Pushing on with his signature sound, Thomas brings a nu-funk sound to the top with a disco vibe that is impossible not to find revitalising. It starts with a gliding guitar riff, which delights instantly, and it, alongside the drumbeat, build up the pace with tremendous effect before Thomas lands with his top-class vocal performance. He sings with a quality that his fans are getting accustomed to, and he does not disappoint here with his confidence surging once again.

Lyrically, Thomas sings an emotional message about setting off on the long road, and he often sings about looking back about wishing he had stayed. The story is inviting with Thomas' ability to express himself proving infallible. Nevertheless, a little more backing harmonies along the way could have been advantageous to give the vocal a bit more substance in the stereo space.

As the track progresses, the musical arrangement picks up with flavour and the broad mix of instruments inspire. Furthermore, the brass section stupefies, and it arrives with likeability. Additionally, the bass riff keeps the funk train alive with a groovy sway that wobbles the speakers but for all the right reasons.