REVIEW album Gaz Price The Muskerz Are Coming (Single)

Gaz Price - The Muskerz Are Coming

The Muskerz Are Coming (Single)

Gaz Price

The new single by Gaz Price seems to sound a lot like Oasis but we think there's a bit of a gem in here.

The tell tale Gallagher vocals are definitely here but the song is one that could stand on its own I think. Which is of course a very good thing!

Gaz has been a large part of the open mic scene in Hartlepool for years, fine-tuning his craft and honing his skills while growing his fanbase and fame locally. It does sound like a Gaz gig could be a lot of fun. Hopefully those will return very soon.

I'm not sure what Muskerz are but I think it might be the police he is singing about. Am I right or am I wrong?

Go ask Gaz. Unless they did come and he's now in jail!