REVIEW album Corrina Taylor Blue Card (Single)

Corrina Taylor Delivers A Clever & Playful Take On Shopping Addiction With 'Blue Card'

Blue Card (Single)

Corrina Taylor

Emerging UK singer songwriter Corrina Taylor ‘s latest release is about the serious problem of ‘mainstream addiction‘. Sounds heavy, you might say, and on the face of it, it is- but Corrina manages to deliver this message in a charming, light-hearted, relatable way. (Certainly we can ALL relate to this given many of us have all found addictions as solace during our various lockdowns over the past year: alcohol, food etc.)

In this case ‘Blue Card’ is about her own self-diagnosed ‘addiction’ to online shopping during lockdown, and she attributes the inspiration for the track to Russell Brand after reading his book about addiction called ‘Recovery’. She recognized that her spending behaviour had spiralled out of control and was born of lockdown anxieties. She sings jokingly about saving the economy single-handedly by flexing her plastic way too much, but the message goes deeper. The fact she is self-aware she has a problem is completely laudable, but she gets our attention by the serious subject matter being at odds with a delicate melody handled with good humour.

The stripped down acoustic effect is very mindful of heartfelt soundtracks to 90’s popular US teen show like Dawson’s Creek and even today you can imagine today such shows looking at Corrina’s work with interest. (Someone get this girl a TV sync deal!) This track also puts me in mind of 90’s singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb (remember her?) an influential Grammy winning artist who inspired many later female singer songwriters: a comparison which is most definitely a compliment.

You can also tell immediately that her musical influences are other strong female songwriters and performers such as Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and so on but Corrina’s own sound is much more playful even than Perry – not as ‘punchy’ or pronounced perhaps, but therein lies a lovely, very understated, charm that is quite addictive in itself. She has a playful, lightness of touch which is quite endearing. Recommend.