REVIEW album Ivan Makvel How You Make Me Feel (Single)

Ivan Makvel Returns With 'How You Make Me Feel'

How You Make Me Feel (Single)

Ivan Makvel

Nu-funk has a new name, Ivan Makvel, and he is stupefying with his instant funk anthem, 'How You Make Me Feel'.

The new release sees the up and coming funkster team up with Gil Masuda, and they both radiate like beacons in the night sky with a distinct vision, which pays off!

It starts with a funky feel-good overture; it captivates quickly and gets the endorphin levels rising with a lively rhythm. It takes on a similar style to what you may expect from Calvin Harris, with a poppy and groovy dance soundscape pushing the way forward. Nevertheless, it takes on a unique path of its own, too, with many elements rising out of the compelling mix as it progresses.

Vocally, Ivan is a breath of fresh air, and although he does soak his vocals in a robotic effect, he still sounds invigorating. Also, he cleverly layers his vocals with his melodies echoing around the mix. It is stimulating, and his tone is full of zest.

As the track plays, we hear a warm piano lead which gives the track an added warmth. Also, it adds more weight to the already robust mix. Additionally, the myriad of sound effects that accompany the foundation keep the unpredictable path flowing in the right direction.

Overall, 'How You Make Feel' is the perfect spring release. It is joyous, and it brings a groove that even your granny will enjoy. Also, it leads the way for future funk with its creative direction.