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Dirty Snowman Society Unleash Epic New EP

Snowblind (EP)

Dirty Snowman Society

Created in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, the "Snowblind" EP from Dirty Snowman Society, is a hard-hitting grunge-rock collection "driven solely by the desire to create timeless but timely rock n' roll".

The classic rock inspired band based in the resort that is the Colorado Copper Mountain, defines their sound as "big and irreverent", with themes centred around love, sex, and addiction. Made up of vocalist/drummer/songwriter Frank Costantini, guitarist/songwriter Jonnie Law, guitarist/songwriter Chris Todoroff, bassist Patrick Linfante, and drummer Perry Senn, the alt-rock band utilizes elements of grunge and feverish electric guitar to give their audience "art [that] induces emotion.”

The EP, "Snowblind", is made up of three pre-released singles and two new songs, "Mirror" and "Once". Filled with fast-paced and vigorous melodies, Dirty Snowman Society creates a high-altitude world of their own and draws their audience in with unique elements of swagger and musicianship.

After listening once, you'll want to listen all over again. It's clear to see why this band's music is so addicting!

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