REVIEW album The Datsuns Brain To Brain (Single)

The Datsuns Return With Ear -Worm Of A Single 'Brain To Brain'

Brain To Brain (Single)

The Datsuns

Has it really been 7 years since The Datsuns last treated us to a blast of their magnificent, retro tinged, shouty, indie-rock?

'Brain to Brain' is a total earworm, a psychedelic torrent of energetic noise. Dolf de Borst’s hypnotic vocal repeats, ’I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna be your voyeur... distracted dreamers, I can’t be your guest, or is it zeal or mania, you’ve pinned onto your chest?’

Apparently the song’s theme is about ‘taking a step back from our digital worlds in-order to preserve one's sanity’. Ironically enough, the accompanying video was shot on lockdown, and features some band members using camera phones to contribute their parts. Its suitably whacky and suits the song - think crazed science documentary & operating on a frozen pigs head!

In 2002 The Datsuns (and lots of other ’The’ bands!) were hailed as the heroes of the ’New Rock Revolution’...the difference is that 19 years later The Datsuns still sound fresh and relevant. 'Brain to Brain' jolts you awake, whacks you forcefully ’round the face and puts fire back in your belly! So yes, yes, yes - highly recommend!