REVIEW album Project Blackbird If This Is The End

Project Blackbird Deliver Their Diverse Sophomore Album 'If This Is The End'

If This Is The End

Project Blackbird

Coming in hot off the heels of their applauded debut LP 'Endurance' back in 2018, Project Blackbird show that their flair for fresh and enticing material is far from dampening as they share their latest studio album 'If This Is The End'.

Written and recorded before the first lockdown, 'If This Is The End' marks a near year long journey for the band. With the pandemic coming in shortly after the sessions were laid down, the message and tone of the record began to shift with the times, making this a far more atmospheric and solemn release throughout. Although there is still plenty of light and uplifting cuts on here, we feel that this new material has been shaped by the last year, reflecting an almost subdued and despondent direction in places.

With influences coming in from the worlds of trip-hop, dream-pop and indie-rock throughout, Project Blackbird still maintain a solid grip on their eclectic sound. It has this almost ethereal quality in places, lending itself to be perceived in a more otherworldly light throughout.