REVIEW album JOHN ORPHEUS Fela Awoke (I Will Miss You) (Single)

John Orpheus Unleashes “Fela Awoke (I Will Miss You)”

Fela Awoke (I Will Miss You) (Single)


Born and raised in South-Central Trinidad, John Orpheus is a multi-cultural musical artist and published author. For the past year and a half, he has been writing his memoir called SAGA BOY which was released by Penguin Random House Canada on January 19, 2021. With the book scheduled to launch, John decided to return to music to release a companion album also entitled SAGA BOY. Both the book and the album are built on the same themes: searching for home, family, love and a fly coat to wear when you get there.

John Orpheus’ musical journey has taken him from the Caribbean bush to festivals across Canada and the US. He combines hip-hop swagger, Afrobeat energy and dancehall charisma to create a sound built on big catchy hooks.

His new single “FELA AWOKE (I WILL MISS YOU)” is the beginning of this new phase and introduces you to his deeply personal story.