REVIEW album TIMAJ GARAD Black Gold (Single)

Timaj Garad Shares The Gorgeous “Black Gold”

Black Gold (Single)


Timaj Garad is an Ethiopian Toronto-based singer-songwriter and poet creating music with a genre-bending mix of spoken word poetry, hip hop, and r&b, soul, afro jazz, and dance. After 15 years performing and writing as a spoken word artist, she is returning to her roots in music, exploring themes about challenging injustice, unearthing truths, and healing.

“Black Gold,” the opening number of Timaj’s forthcoming debut Blooming at the Mouth EP, is an anthemic ode to and love song for Black Muslim women. Serving as both a celebration and a sanctuary, “Black Gold” shares the realities of Timaj and many others in an honest way, without sugar coating the collective trauma, while simultaneously providing space for Black Muslim joy and glory.