REVIEW album A Muffled Snore The Dainty Dandies (Single)

A Muffled Snore & Their Brilliant New Track

The Dainty Dandies (Single)

A Muffled Snore

A Muffled Snore is a collaboration album between three Ontario-based artists: Friendly Rich, David Sait, and EeL.

The album consists of twelve beautifully strange tales that soar through dark, timeless atmospheres. With the Dadaist texts of EeL pairing with Friendly Rich’s dark vocal delivery and the other-worldly sounds of David Sait, this recording is cinematic, dreamy, and psychedelic.

The narration is like a collection of twisted fairy tales describing mysterious places, rituals, and dark secrets leading with track “The Dainty Dandies,” which has been paired with a video.