REVIEW album Kitt Wakeley Conflicted (Single)

Kitt Wakeley & Joe Satriani Take Us On An Exhilarating Journey With 'Conflicted'

Conflicted (Single)

Kitt Wakeley

Kitt Wakeley is a renowned and award-winning U.S. composer who fuses orchestral, rock, EDM, and piano and conjures a hybrid musical brew that is entirely, and magically, his own. His new single ‘Conflicted’ is a cool collaboration with rock guitar legend Joe Satriani. (With that knowledge alone, you already know without even hearing the track, that it is going to be quite special!)

At first listen ‘Conflicted’ seems like something you have heard before but can’t quite put your finger on– it is so cinematic in its scope. Perhaps this is unsurprising as Wakeley has composed extensively for TV and film, as well as for other artists throughout his career. It is entirely possible we have heard his music just about everywhere in our daily lives. The theme of the song is about the ‘devil’ and ‘angel’ in all of us and the resulting inner conflicts we face. Relatable indeed, and musically exhilarating in its soaring, dramatic, orchestration.

Thrillingly, (and perhaps it is my fertile imagination fired up by the ambition of the track) there seems to be a small nod to the Dr Who theme as Joe Satriani begins his magical guitar alchemy. He weaves his way beautifully through the melody, taking you on a rollercoaster of a musical and thematic journey. Apparently, Wakeley gave Satriani free rein over his contribution to the track – a wise move as it leaves him free to paint instinctively, like the unique Master he is, on what is already a bold and anthemic musical canvass.

If you like artists like 2Cellos and Apocalyptica, you will love the fearlessness and epic ambitions of this track. Can’t wait to hear the forthcoming album ‘Symphony of Sinners and Saints’ which will be released in May and on which Satriani collaborates on two tracks, including this one. Don’t hesitate: get ‘Conflicted’ on your ‘get up and go’ playlist and embark on a breath-taking journey from ‘conflicted’ to ‘empowered and uplifted’. Recommend.