REVIEW album Steven H Scott Albino Road (Single)

Steven H Scott Shares Albino Road

Albino Road (Single)

Steven H Scott

Steven H Scott creates self-labeled “folk-rock for dreamers.” Based in New Hampshire, the talented vocalist and guitarist is set to release his debut EP, Albino Road. Albino Road is a twist on the classic EP; it will include an A-side and a B side. The A-side will be the original compositions, while the B side will take an acoustic approach, highlighting just Steven and his guitar.

“Albino Road” is the second release and title track off of the A-side of the EP and was inspired by a local legend of North Andover, MA, a town just 20 minutes from Steven’s birthplace. “Albino Road” tells the tale of two albino boys drowned by the town’s elders for their odd appearance — and how, according to Steven, “instead of learning from history, we are doomed to repeat it.”

“Ignoring the ignorance we bear, like a haunting we play it over and over and over and over again,” sings Steven as the track fades out. The lyrics cut deep, building in intensity throughout the track to create a dark thematic undertone — yet atop Steven’s raspy vocals lies a wealth of comforting instrumentation. Gentle piano and warm guitar carry the listener through the intense tale. Ultimately, the track’s sweeping emotion balance the darker undertones, making for a nuanced listening experience and a beautiful taste of what is to come off the full EP.

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