REVIEW album Sabi Pitt Change The World (Single)

Sabi Pitt Returns With 'Change The World'

Change The World (Single)

Sabi Pitt

Sabi Pitt is back with his latest release, 'Change The World'. It is a track that couldn't have come at a better time with the world going through unprecedented times.

'Change The World' is a cleverly put together release because it delves into a topic that is essential and prevalent to the current times. It also brings a feel-good vibe, and the music is welcoming with a groove that is challenging to refuse.

It starts with a serene guitar lead which leads the path forward. Sabi then reaches forward to the mic, and he instantly proves his talent with a top-class vocal performance. He arrives fresh, and his delivery is incomparable to other musicians in the modern scene.

Musically, 'Change The World' is unorthodox given that it does not follow a status quo structure. It is unique in its own space, and that is what makes it so memorable. Furthermore, it fuses many genres into one with a reggae sound rising to the top of the mix with a soulful texture, also adding to its potent flavour.

As the track progresses, Sabi expresses his story with conviction, and his passion is evident with him telling a meaningful message of improving the world around us. He hits the nail on the head, and his storytelling ability is impressive. So much so, he leaves an indent with his performance, and it will be no surprise to witness him soaring to the top.