REVIEW album Dora Lachaise I Confess (Single)

The Surrealist New Single From Dora Lachaise

I Confess (Single)

Dora Lachaise

Bristol-based artist Dora Lachaise writes and produces music which will linger long after encountering. Haunting melodies and brooding visuals set the scene... Lachaise is as much a visual artist as she is a musical one.

Lachaise has crafted a beautifully written and produced work of art with her latest release. 'I Confess' is an electronic-tinged ballad with elements of Kate Bush and Evanescence, accompanied by a high-art visual. It is impossible to switch off both Dora's song and video once you press play, as she will have you enthralled from start to finish. Close-up eyes, magnified mouths and a theme of reflection through mirrors will have you reeled in.

Indeed, Dora picked her pseudonym to honour Dora Maar, a French surrealist photographer.