REVIEW album Julia Thomsen Paradise (Single)

Julia Thomsen Has The Key To 'Paradise'

Paradise (Single)

Julia Thomsen

Classical composer Julia Thomsen is stupefying once again with her new composition 'Paradise'. It is a release that follows Julias' stand out new year release, 'New Beginnings'.

Furthermore, just as expected, Julia surpasses her last serene contagion, and she rises even higher than before with this gorgeous gem. Moreover, it starts with a peaceful overture and similar to her previous release, it instantly leads the way to a tranquil area.

This release is somewhat more succinct to her previous composition, but it still beautifies as it progresses. So much so, the length is not an issue, given that it provides so much cathartic release within its short time frame. Additionally, the shortness gives it a unique edge, and it cleverly creates an urge to come back time and time again.

Julia has many strings to her bow, and this is evident with 'Paradise'. Moreover, Julia welcomes a violin into her work, and the new addition is stimulating. Furthermore, the violin adds even more sentiment to the release, which is already dripping with passion. Similarly, it paves the way forward for Julia, and it will be no surprise to hear it more on her future compositions.

Overall, 'Paradise' is the perfect composition for the current season. It is almost the mirror reflection of nature, and it blossoms similar to a spring flower. Also, it provides a way to relax and take a step back from the present world. As a result, it could not have arrived at a better time.