REVIEW album Jordy Benattar Falling (Single)

Jordy Benattar Shares “Falling”

Falling (Single)

Jordy Benattar

A newcomer to the music scene, Canadian actress Jordy Benattar has an enchanting and carefree sound. Influenced by experiences that make us look within, and world-changing events that make us look out, Jordy has a unique way of pouring universal feelings into mellow, magnetic music.

Her songwriting dances on the matrix of indie, folk and the softest of pop and feels like the most honest conversation you’ll ever have. Jordy is most interested in collaborating with artists who bring a different sound than she does to the studio. Keen to write for producers and other singers, she views the songwriting process like a chemistry experiment, where different elements combine to produce something completely new.

Jordy’s songwriting is on display on her new single, “Falling” featuring Tyler Simmons. The song captures the internal monologue, self-doubt, and daydreams that come along with having a crush. The vocalists alternate and harmonize to mirror each other’s fears and feelings, laying bare the seesaw we all experience when falling into life’s best (and most vulnerable) adventure.