REVIEW album Nathan Lawr Apocalypse Marshmallow (Single)

Nathan Lawr Reveals “Apocalypse Marshmallow”

Apocalypse Marshmallow (Single)

Nathan Lawr

Nathan Lawr came up as a drummer-for-hire during the Toronto indie rock heyday that spawned the likes of Broken Social Scene and Feist, drumming for seminal Three Gut Records’ bands Royal City and Sea Snakes. In 2000, he started writing his own tenderly clever folk songs, releasing a series of critically-lauded solo albums. In 2010, Lawr ditched the songwriting thing for the more expansive sound of Minotaurs, spending the next 10 years writing, recording, and performing with an 8-10piece indie funk band. During those years, he cut his teeth as a producer and band leader. Now, after spending almost a decade as a stay-at-home dad, Lawr has come into his own, finding his voice as a crooner once again.

“Apocalypse Marshmallow,” the title track of his forthcoming new album, is a chaotic blend of Brian Eno production and classic rock vibes. It’s about the joyful chaos of parenthood and the imperfections and challenges of being a part of a family.