REVIEW album Raf Sanchez is Cowpoke Cowpoke (Single)

Raf Sanchez Delivers Folk Rock Intimacy With Cowpoke

Cowpoke (Single)

Raf Sanchez is Cowpoke

New York based artist Raf Sanchez has been making his mark and garnering attention for a while with his genre-mixing exploratory music projects Pikoe and Hunting Stories. Now Sanchez delivers Cowpoke, his most stripped down and intimate body of work to date.

Within Cowpoke’s EP debut Sanchez trades the thumping synths of Pikoe and Telecaster crunch of Hunting Stories for a purer sound with well-detailed lyrics and an alluring honesty.

The EP was originally recorded in 2017 in the bedroom of his shared New York apartment, accompanied by the hum of a nearby air conditioner and distant shouts from the Brooklyn streets outside. After years of keeping the project under wraps in 2020 Sanchez decided it was time to release the songs and he shipped the tracks off to Calvin Lauber (Julien Baker) to be mixed and mastered.

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