REVIEW album Lo Marie The Gap (Single)

Lo Marie Reveals Insightful Track "The Gap"

The Gap (Single)

Lo Marie

Lo Marie, a jazz singer, self-made producer, and native Wisconsan, has just released her new single, “The Gap.” The song entails of Lo Marie wanting more equality and equity from her employers in terms of pay, compared to her male counterparts. This song is empowering to women across the country who deal with the pay gap and glass ceilings encountered in the working world.

As an adolescent, Lo Marie wanted to be an opera singer, and with vocals like hers it was easily attainable. She soon realized that there was more self expression and freedom to be found in jazz. Her lyrics are raw and relatable, and it’s easy to hear her passion and drive within her songs.

"The Gap” includes strong vocals, an ad-lib scat, and a groovy electric guitar. This single is well done, and I can’t wait for more from Lo Marie.