REVIEW album Star Goes Nova The Apprentice (Single)

I've Just Discovered Star Goes Nova's “The Apprentice”

The Apprentice (Single)

Star Goes Nova

Inspired by the TV show Game of Thrones, and played on a 115 year old classical piano, "The Apprentice" by Star Goes Nova is the neoclassical EDM epic I didn't know we needed.

Star Goes Nova is a cinematic, grime bass, EDM inspired artist who focuses on masterfully telling stories while providing a space for her listeners to dream and discover themselves. She was born Christine Law, and currently based in Southern California, she's a multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer that utilises real instruments along with EDM sonics to transcend past and future and dream of magical worlds.

The Neoclassical Electronica story of a young dreamer searching for beauty and power is portrayed through deep grime, passionate emotive electric guitar and haunting reverberating vocals repeating phrases such as "feel the magic is yours" and "the gold and heart is yours". The song ends on a very calm and peaceful note as the main instruments slowly drop out of the song to be replaced by tinkling bells and just a classical piano.

It's a song to submerge yourself in your own fantasy of wonder and magic, and after you listen to this song you'll want to binge listen to all her others!

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