REVIEW album Nobody Daydreamer (Single)

Nobody Leads An Unforgettable Journey With 'Daydreamer'

Daydreamer (Single)


Nobody is the daydreamer whose vision is paying off. Boasting a vocal quality that stands out like the proverbial thumb, she ticks all the boxes of an upcoming alt-pop starlet.

Based in London, she's taking giant leaps with her fresh new delivery, 'Daydreamer'. She is fearless, and her confidence is evident the moment she gets underway. Furthermore, Nobody brings a unique timbre to the forefront of the alt-pop game, and she leads us on a memorable journey.

Taking a hint from some of the biggest hitters in the scene, she cleverly keeps her influences at bay, and she heads down a path of her own. Also, Nobody sings a message about taking a step back and reflecting on life. Her story is prevalent given the current times we are living through, and she articulates with sentimentality.

The music matches the wordplay seamlessly. Moreover, the dreamy soundscape adds weight to the already robust foundation. Additionally, many sounds push the track forward with a clapping rhythm that accompanies an ethereal string arrangement.

Towards the latter, we witness the track blazing with omnipotence. The mix comes to life faster, and Nobody unleashes one of the most thrilling vocal finales to grace the game in modern times. As a result, 'Daydreamer' can do little wrong. Also, it is a testament to the newcomer's talent, and it will be no surprise to see her rising the echelon at a rapid speed over the next coming months and years. Either way, 2021 is looking to be a very bright year for the artist.