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Wonderfruit Festival To Debut In December

  Are you looking for festival options during mid-winter?  Does the thought of standing in a farmer’s field in the depths of December fill you with a sense of excitement and joy?  No, why ever not?!  

If the above thought fills you with a sense of dread and hypothermia, fear not as the team behind Wonderfruit haven’t over indulged in local cider and come-up with a ridiculous concept.  In fact far from it, they’ve come up with a very clever idea.

As the options for festivals continue to grow exponentially so do the extents to which we, the festival attendees, will go to enjoy our slice of new music and camping mayhem.

So much so in fact that the reason Wonderfruit takes place in December is because it’s located 2 hours from Bangkok in Thailand (Chon Buri to be precise).  On top of being based in a rather more exotic location to Somerset (no offense to the West Country of course) it’s run by the team that brought us Wilderness, so you can expect all manner of delights to revel in for the course of the three days.

At first we questioned whether Thailand was the logical next step for the festival experience but it makes perfect sense.  As more and more of us book our getaways around local events in the country of destination (Full Moon parties, Snowbombing, the running of the Bulls, SXSW, the list goes on!) Wonderfruit will provide a further option for immersing oneself in the local culture which is one of the major benefits of going to a festival.

There will also be a large focus on health and sustainability, ensuring an environmentally and socially aware ethos with the aim of making the festival totally self-sufficient in five years’ time.  The main stage will even double as an allotment post festival!

Add to the credentials of the team and location with a line-up including; Hercules Love Affair , Seth Troxler, Nick Mulvey, Fat Freddy’s Drop and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and we can expect it to be a kick-ass experience.

The only problem we can foresee is the argument in the office when it comes to deciding who’s going to review it for Subba-Cultcha. Facebook: Instagram: