REVIEW album Kirk McElhinney Ticking Clock (Single)

Singer-Songwriter Kirk McElhinney Calls For Solidarity With 'Ticking Clock'

Ticking Clock (Single)

Kirk McElhinney

I was happy to hear the new single ‘Ticking Clock’ by Rochdale born turned international singer-songwriter, Kirk McElhinney, as it isnt as dour or fatalistic as the title might suggest. The single captures our trying times pretty well but is less about fear and procrastination and more about hope, solidarity, positivity and progression. Good to hear!

The track is very catchy and relentlessly but wonderfully guitar driven, with a ‘hoo hoo hoo hoo’ ear worm of a hook which will burrow in your brain. But there are meaningful lyrics here too with a call to a revolution, not necessarily of taking up actual arms, but of ideas, finding strength by using our voices and about moving forward with hope and love. The lyrics evoke solidarity and finding a common goal: ie. sticking it to ‘The Man’. This is no hippy trip though: it is a pulse of creating a purposeful momentum (with a small ‘m’) and a sense of building something better and new for all. Who isn't down for that in these stagnant, late capitalist days? (Maybe Kirk should run for public office? Just a thought…)

So, the upbeat messaging is uplifting without being cheesy and respectfully nods occasionally to both folk and country genres but also delivers an upbeat pop vibe. You can imagine this song to be a Summer festival pleaser (once we’re all allowed, naturally) with audiences energetically bouncing up and down, fists punching the air in unison. If this is what's on offer I can’t wait to hear the full album ‘You Are Not Your Past’ which will be released in June.

‘Ticking Clocks’ is like being permission to get off your arse and make a difference. Stop feeling sad and doom scrolling your socials in fear and uncertainty, mobilise and look to creating a future that is brighter. Ok. Message received. Needed that. So do you. Download this tune.