REVIEW album The Nomadic Skaterpark (Single)

The Nomadic Take Us On A Sweet Foray Into Memory With 'Skaterpark'

Skaterpark (Single)

The Nomadic

N.Y.C. based Australian singer/songwriter, world traveller (and apparently U.N. Human Rights worker) Robert Gaylard- a.k.a. frontman in The Nomadic expertly fuses indie rock and electronic pop with vibey new track ‘Skaterpark’.

The track, co-written by Rob’s nephew Guy Stonor, is a deep dive into ‘memories past’, hanging out with old mates down the ‘Skaterpark’- or in my case the corner shop that sold sweets and a selection of 7” vinyl singles. Yes, yes, showing my age there, but that is indeed the point of this tune: reminiscing the old days. What ever happened to that shop? How is that friend you hung out with after school? Shall we catch up and make new memories, whilst remembering the old? Food for thought.

‘Skaterpark’ isn't morose or wallowing in the past at all, it is a sweet foray into memory with a pleasing driving, plinky, indie guitar vibe. It is isn't a case of wishing those days would return, with some hideous rose-tinted ‘fake nostalgia’ goggles on. It is more about extracting the joyous memories of youth, building upon them and bringing them forward into your ‘now’ and future. It is about recalling fond memories AND making more of them. (Nowt wrong with that, hey?)

If the past year has taught us anything, it is to cherish those things. Which evokes yet another, rather appropriate, memory of my own: as small kids my sister and I would watch Sesame Street: she would eat a fairy cake with a jelly tot on top and I always had an oozy, sugary jammy doughnut. We had a particular love for Cookie Monster who would wisely proclaim. “Me no cry because cookie is finished. Me smile because cookie happened!”. … which sums up this single rather nicely!

If you dig this, you will also want to check out the band’s forthcoming album “Beyond Blue” which will be released in July 2021. In the meantime, I highly recommend you download or stream this track, grab a beer, crack open the old photos, have a laugh and call an old mate.