REVIEW album De Wolt Our Love Is Gone EP

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Our Love Is Gone EP

De Wolt

‘Music Hunters’ opens proceedings with a wonderfully lurking bassline and a simple drum pattern, proceeding with a very straight faced German-sounding vocal all about the noble quest to track down and make music. There’s a touch of the Mighty Boosh’s ‘Future Sailors’ about it. which makes us smile we must admit, but there’s also a cool, edgy Kraftwerk-esque singlemindedness going on too. Definitely recommended.

The EP’s title track follows on, and it couldn’t be more different. In place of the clipped restraint and trimmed grooves, this break up song loses its collective shit and heads out on a powerchord smashing spree. Whatever caused the split in this relationship - we have limited evidence, obviously, but perhaps their devotion to making music as detailed on the first track didn’t help in the marital harmony department – it’s clear that feelings are running high. Or even running riot.

So, ultimately, we get to see two sides of the De Wolt coin, from uber cool to utter wigout. The more reserved side has the edge in our book, but it’s still fun to see that turn into a bit of distorted rage in time. Take your pick.

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